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FC/SC/LC Plug type fixed

Fiber optic attenuators are specialized devices designed to reduce the power of a fiber optic signal within a network. Typically, they are employed when the incoming signal to a receiver is excessively strong, potentially overwhelming the receiver components. This overpowered signal can result from discrepancies in the transmitter and receiver units, or when the media converters are intended for longer distances than their current application. Additionally, attenuators can be utilized for network stress testing by progressively diminishing the signal power (enhancing the dB attenuation) to identify the optical link’s failure point, thereby determining the signal’s safety margin.

Our attenuators are crafted using high-quality doped fiber to effectively control signal strength. Our single mode attenuators are versatile, supporting a wavelength range of 1250nm to 1600nm, which includes the commonly used 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths.

The maximum transmission power for these devices is usually one watt. We offer a comprehensive range of attenuators compatible with various fiber optic connector types, including SC, SC/APC, LC, LC/APC. Attenuators for other connector types can be provided on special request. Our inventory includes most attenuation values ranging from 1dB to 25dB for these connectors.

While typically used in single mode circuits due to the higher power lasers required for long distance transmission, we also cater to multimode applications with attenuators available for 50/125 and 62.5/125 fiber sizes, though these are made-to-order. Please note that for custom multimode attenuators, a minimum order and a lead time of 2-4 weeks may apply.

Operating wavelength1290-1330nm
1530 - 1570 nm
Initial attenuation measured with 1310
+/-10nm and 1550 +/-10nm LD
1-10dB+/- 0.5dB (high performance)
+/- 1.0dB (Standard)
11-20dB+/- 5% (high performance)
+/- 10% (Standard)
Wavelength dependency variation of
the attenuation within 1310+/- 20nm
and 1550 +/- 20nm LD
1-10dBInitial attenuation +/-0.5dB
11-20dBInitial attenuation +/-5%
Back Reflection≥50dB (HP polishing)
≥60dB (AP polishing)
Polarisation dependent loss≤0.5dB