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Why you should bother to onboard a new supplier

(Unless you’re in a telecom group we’re already approved for)

Because I’ve built this company for 10 years so it can be that gem of a supplier you lean on.

The first thing I tell people is that I’ve been in fiber optic since the beginning. Since 1999. In Romania. The country that has been noted for its high internet speeds,, consistently ranking the top countries in Europe and even the world for this metric.

My name is Virginia Zetu. I’m the founder and CEO of Fibercon.

And, yes, I’ve been around since there was a 2 in front of G.

And in 20+ years in the industry, I’ve built a reputation for consistency and quality. Not just in the good times.

We started Fibercon in 2012, as an importer from China. It was a very personal bet my husband and I took on, out of our version of the proverbial garage.

It took one unhappy customer to see we weren’t going to be importers much longer. Because it was a business of moving boxes. We had no quality control.

We replaced the faulty order with higher quality items, ate the loss, and decided to go into production.

Andrei Gherasim
Supply Chain Business Partner
“Even during the pandemic, when transports were heavily impacted, Fibercon continued to deliver within a week, two or three. Fibercon’s management is client oriented, has excellent technical knowledge and communication, is efficient, prompt and available around the clock.”

Because it’s personal.
Even if we never meet.

Before the Christmas of 2014, we were producing our first patch cords in a facility close to Bucharest, Romania, employing mostly women from the disadvantaged community of Comana.

Everyone went through a thorough training process. And everyone received equitable treatment when order intake was still unsteady. But we found that when you treat them equitably, people always respond in kind.

We started with a staff of 5 and only accepted orders when we could guarantee quality product. We now have a team of 20, and our output increased 10 fold.

Many of our clients of years and years, we have never met in person. But when you consistently honor your promises, email and phone conversations do the job nicely.

Just in case we never meet, here’s a picture of me. —–>

Dorin Cuteanu
Acquisitions Executive, September 2023

"We’ve been working with Fibercon for years, but I’ve never met Virginia in person. I barely feel our collaboration. And that’s how I want it. I place an order, and I don’t want to do order fulfillment check-ups. The less we speak, the better. We run on trust.

As a local producer, Fibercon produces on demand almost everything we need. They take our requests and deliver quite fast, when you factor in their own production process.”

Because at your growth rate, you want fast and turbulence-free options.
The closer to home, the better.

We continue to import parts from China. But even during the pandemic, we delivered within weeks, if not days. Because telecoms are already under pressure to develop the network. And our goal has been to contribute to the solution, not to the crisis.

With our increasingly online lifestyles, that pressure is likely to grow. It’s why we invest in innovation both within the company and outside, spotting talent in incubators, accelerators and startup competitions.

Because if data is the blood of the internet, patch cords are arteries of an expanding organism.


Come to think of it, the planet runs on fiber optic. That makes you a planetary builder. We’d love to help.

Sorin Olimid
Transmission Group Manager

"Fibercon is very well positioned. Virginia has inventory, produces exactly what we want quickly and delivers on site, where we need it.

The price is competitive, the delivery time very good and Virginia has her internal quality process. She’s very proactive. She’s the one you can count on.”